Original workshop "Glass Symphony" is more than twenty years. We deal with art called 'lampwork'. It is the art of making glass figurines of melted in the flame of a gas burner glass. This is the process of creating exclusive glass figurines and compositions. They are exclusive because all the compositions are hand made.

The glass craft is performed with the usage of a gas burner with the temperature of 1800 degrees (the temperature for melting glass is 800-12000 degrees depending on the glass). Under these conditions, the glass gets the necessary physical state and in the hands of a highly skilled artist it is transformed into works of art, which are impossible to look up from.

In the hand blowing technique the artist uses different methods of stretching, bending and alloy age of solid glass rods.

We offer a wide range of glass objects. Here you can find representatives of flora and fauna made of glass: figurines of wild and domestic animals, birds, fish, exotic plants, and other small compositions. Despite the small size the figurines accurately reflect the physiological characteristics of the animals, their character and even emotions. Each figure created by the author is individual and unique. In addition, we also manufacture various souvenir production to order. Each figurine is completely done by hand, so the size and color of the figures may differ a bit. Original handmade glass figurines are an excellent gift for your friends and loved ones.

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